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Addicted to you - Ok, despite my fight against downloading Instagram and using this app, I became addicted to it. Even tho I'm not uploading photos 15 times a day, I'm stalking some people ... hehe.
But here are some random uploaded photos of mine

 Street Life with Style on Instagram!! 


Keira Knightley - I love this lady. Everything about her. Her accent . Her look. Her acting. Everything. I mean, she's been acting in all those amazing movies such as Ana Karenina, Pride and Prejudice, A Dangerous Method, Duchess and , of course, in the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films and many more.
Love her, especially this editorial for Glamour .

Street Life with Style on Bloglovin'!! 

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Song of the weak

Kaissa - Nothing says more summer than reggae, right!? Enjoy, my lovelies!! I wish you full of amazing memories and wonderful summer!!!  

Street Life with Style on Bloglovin'!! 

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                                                                                                                                   Mirna M.


Decisions - That moment when you decide that you're gonna wear lots of colors this spring and summer, but then again you stick with the good old black and white. Anyways, I'm really hooping I will wear other colors than blach and white. Look at the photos and you will see amazing colors and combinations.  

Street Life with Style on Bloglovin'!! 

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Elie Saab Resort 2015

Different - Ok, Elie Saab is my weak spot.... I can't miss to show you his Resort 2015 collection. But the thing is, this time he made something a bit different. We all expected red carpet dresses from him, but this time he made a bit more daytime looks (or evening looks). It's still that amazing , lace, romantic and pastel colors Elie Saab ..... We have to love him!!!!

Street Life with Style on Bloglovin'!

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